Drone Services

Damage – Architectural – Inspection

We are used to looking at buildings from ground level. A more dramatic view that shows more detail is from a higher viewpoint. Ladders are too short, a lift truck might not be high enough and like ladders, can be difficult to move. Helicopters and airplanes fly too high and very are expensive resources. The Small Unmanned Aerial System, Drone, can provide the ideal perspective.

Drones can be maneuvered to obtain spectacular angles for still photography and, and cannot be matched by any other platform for stunning videos.

Traditional aerial imaging involves hiring a commercial pilot, renting an airplane or helicopter, and hiring a professional photographer. The cost of this service can be staggering.

Bucket trucks and lift platforms are costly, cumbersome, require a qualified operator, and are difficult and time consuming to move around a location. Considering vegetation and utility lines, there are many places bucket trucks and lifts simply cannot get to.

Drones can fly at lower altitudes and get get into tighter spaces for inspections of smaller items and damage assessment. Take Flight PhotoWorks has been using drones for spectacular architectural views, property damage after storms, and site inspections for radio towers, water tanks, and utility lines.